We Are (Who Believers Are, Can Be, and Shall Be In Jesus Christ)


God Is Putting It All Together (a short story)


The University of Truth


Stop Carrying Your Cross: Die on It!


Four Biblical Reasons Why Paul Thanked God He Spoke In Tongues


Your Spiritual Helpline


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What You Should Know About God


What You Should Know About Jesus Christ


What You Should Know About The Holy Spirit


It All Adds Up To Love

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  • Listen to Pastor Jepson’s 3-part lecture on the Introduction to Finney’s Theology at the 1991 Conference on Theology. Part 1Part 2Part 3
  • The doctrine of original sin is rooted in Greek philosophy. Please read Dr. Jepson's essay: "The Influence of Greek Philosophy on the Development of Christian Theology" which is further down this page. It is also an appendix in the latest edition of his book, It All Adds Up To Love, located just above here.

What You Should Know About Prayer


What You Should Know About Sin and Salvation


What You Should Know About The Bible


What You Should Know About Managing God's World


What You Should Know About Courtship, Marriage and the Family


Buried Treasure: Exploring The Parables Of Jesus


Learning In The School Of Christ (early edition)


Romans: Justification By Faith


James: The Workings Of A Living Faith


Philemon: The Triumph Of Love


Treasury Of Faith

Articles and essays

A Faith That Confesses


A Moment Of Destiny


An Inheritance For You


Are You Listening?


Becoming You


Characteristics Of Real Faith


Cheer Is More Than A Box Of Detergent


Do You Have Salt?


Endowed By Our Creator


God Is Not Hard To Find


How Do You Spell Relief?


How To Handle Hostility


Invested For Jesus


It Is Time To Choose


Jesus Talks About Hell


Let His Peace Rule


Mary: Fascinating Facts About The Mother Of Jesus


Pain: The Problem and the Promise


Real Peace


Royal Rangers Made The Difference


Sent With A Guarantee of Success


Shout It Out


Stay With The Church


Suddenly, The Cross


Surrounded But Free


The Choice Is Ours


The Death That Leads To Life


The Deception of Empty Words


The Father


The Fear Of God


The Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ: Our Food and Drink


The Fullness: Filled By The Spirit With All The Fullness Of God In Jesus Christ


The Influence Of Greek Philosophy On The Development Of Christian Theology


The Liberated Man


The Lifestyle of Thanksgiving


The Open Wounds Of Jesus Christ


The Point of No Return


The Post-Resurrection Appearance Of Jesus In Galilee


The Priorities Of The Kingdom Of God


The Most Dangerous Cult


The Rape Of The Soul


The Real Christ Of Christmas


The True Grace Of God


The Wrath Of God's Love


Think Right


Three Demons To A Pig


Trilogy on Homosexuality


This Way To Victory


You Are What God Says You Are


You Can Have Joy



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